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The Joy of Giving Back
Manchester resident Stella McGrath, an active adult volunteer at Deborah Heart and Lung Center for the past 8 years, is a testament to the rewards of volunteering. One aspect Ms. McGrath looks forward to each volunteer day is the great camaraderie among the adult volunteers, who have one common bond: namely, to help Deborah to continue to aid all who seek its assistance.  
“Each of us who volunteers eagerly looks forward to seeing our friends on our assigned work day,” Ms. McGrath notes. “There is always something new going on here. The people I work for and with are caring, polite, and friendly. My day invariably ends with someone saying ‘Thank you for coming today—I really needed your help!”’


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Ms. McGrath decided to volunteer after being a Deborah patient. The former snow bird had a pacemaker installed in 2003 while in Florida. However, her cardiac problems still persisted, with fainting episodes and weakness. At the urging of a relative, Ms. McGrath sought help at Deborah after returning to New Jersey. Immediately, a new treatment plan was instituted for Ms. McGrath by Deborah’s electrophysiologists, including a cardioversion treatment which shocked her heart into a normal rhythm and a new pacemaker, which has enabled her to lead a normal, healthy life. Thus, Ms. McGrath’s decision to volunteer and say, “Thank you!”
Ms. McGrath volunteered for two years in Ambulatory Care Registration and was then transferred to the Marketing and PR Department. She usually works about seven hours a week, sometimes more, when projects keep the department especially busy. The former teacher and Child Study Team member especially enjoys her work with the “Annual DEBORAH Heart Challenge and Art Competition,” a yearly event for high school students. As a former educator, Ms. McGrath can relate to all the efforts and hard work of teachers and students who make this great community event so special.
Each time Ms. McGrath comes to help, she is very proud to be a member of the “DEBORAH Red Coat” family, an honor denoting special status as not only a Deborah surgical/procedural patient, but one who chooses to give back as a Deborah Volunteer.