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buscioA Message from Donna Buscio
Dear Friends,
My late husband Captain Dominick Buscio was a dedicated fire captain of the Jersey City Fire Department. Dom was a wonderful husband, father, brother and son to his family, and a true friend to all who knew him. At the age of 39, his life was unexpectedly taken when he suffered a heart attach during our ski vacation. Dom was the picture of health. In fact, the results of a complete physical he had only 19 months before his death were normal, except for the presence of a moderately high cholesterol level. Since he was found to be healthy at that time, he decided not to return for his annual physical the following year. While many people his age make the decision not to seek regular checkups, in his case, it resulted in an inconceivable loss to all of us.

I am sharing our experience with others because I have found that my husband’s death was not a rarity. Heart attacks are the largest single killer of firefighters. For that very reason, I created the program “A Gift from Captain Buscio,” which began in Jersey City and now spans across the State of New Jersey to offer strictly confidential, comprehensive cardiovascular and pulmonary evaluations with no out-of-pocket cost to the firefighters and officers. These annual examinations are provided by board certified cardiologists and pulmonologists from Deborah Heart and Lung Center or Hudson County Cardiovascular Care.

My intention is not to instill anxiety. On the contrary, it’s to provide an opportunity for peace of mind. I’m quite certain that this program would have had Dom’s full support, given the current limited opportunities for our heroes to obtain physicals specific to their needs.

For me, this program, which was founded in Dom’s memory, is an attempt to keep your occupational risk limited to fighting fires and crime. This pamphlet provides you with details on the program and how you may benefit from it. If you have any questions or concerns regarding information other than what is available on the website, contact me at
Donna Buscio

buscio statsHow “A Gift from Captain Buscio” Works
All current and retired firefighters, police, and emergency responders, and their officers are invited to participate in the program throughout the State of New Jersey. They will then have opportunity to receive confidential comprehensive cardiovascular and pulmonary medical evaluations. The medical facility will take the responsibility of billing the participant’s insurance provider. These annual examinations are provided by Deborah Heart and Lung Center, and also Hudson County Cardiovascular Care, whose providers are board-certified cardiologists and pulmonologists who have generously offered firefighters, police, and emergency responders medical care that is specific to their profession.

All providers are board certified in the various specialties they provide. Testing will be provided based upon each participant’s medical history. Testing may include laboratory, x-ray, pulmonary functions testing, and cardiovascular screening. Upon completion the participant will be provided with a medical report which they can use at their discretion.

All visits will be scheduled by appointment; the medical staff will direct you to what will be needed for the initial visit, such as bringing a list of all medications that you currently may be taking. In addition, fasting the previous night is required for blood work, which is part of the evaluation. To schedule an appointment, call Deborah Heart and Lung Center, Browns Mill, NJ at 1-800-555-1990 or Hudson County Cardiovascular Care, Newark, NJ at 973-596-1200.

Dear Captain Buscio Program Participant:
Welcome to DEBORAH Heart and Lung Center, a specialty cardiac, pulmonary and vascular facility. We are pleased to provide to active duty/retired NJ State firefighters, police members and first responders, cardiovascular health screenings through the “A Gift from Captain Buscio” program. We trust your experience at DEBORAH will be truly beneficial and also exceptional. As part of the Captain Buscio program, you will first register in our Ambulatory Care area. We will copy your insurance card for billing purposes—if you, as a New Jersey resident, have insurance—but even if not, you will never receive a bill from DEBORAH, for any visit.

You will then proceed to our Clinical Lab, Radiology and Pulmonary Medicine Departments. When completed, you’ll return to the Nursing Station off the hallway to turn in your paperwork. After a brief wait time for your tests to be processed, you’ll be called back to the exam area to be given an EKG and then meet with one of our cardiologists. At that time, they will have all your test results for reference. After an examination, they will present a verbal report to you, and give you a copy of your clinical lab reports. If you provided a physician’s name at registration, all results will be sent to your primary care physician. Any additional testing will be scheduled for a second visit at the recommendation of the cardiologist.

Please feel free to contact the Marketing and PR Department at any time. We work closely with Donna Buscio and we want to ensure your visit goes well. We can be reached at the following extensions: 609-893-1200, ext. 5846 or 5843. Thank you for choosing DEBORAH. We wish you the best of health! It is a privilege for us to serve our heroic NJ State firefighters, police force and first responders.
Sincerely, Tom Campbell, Director and Sue Kanzler, Liaison


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